Odibets Registration Guide

Odibets is a very popular bookmarker in Ghana. The bookmaker offers several betting products to its customers like Sports Betting, Odi Live, Odi League and eSports. The sports which are available on this platform are Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Rugby and Cricket. You need to be a registered Odibets client in order for you to be able to benefit from these products. In order for you to сrеаtе аn Odibets usеr ассоunt, you must fоllоw thе following instruсtiоns.

In order for you to register on Odibets Ghana, you must:
Visit the official Odibets website and then click on the yellow ‘Join Now’ button on the main menu and a pop up registration form will open in a new window. You then need to fill in all the information required from you namely:
Mobile Number
Click on ‘Create Account’ in order for you to finalise the betting process. Enter the 4 digit code sent to your mobile number to activate your account.

Online betting has been on the rise in Africa and several people are beginning to take interest in betting due to the convenience that is brought about by it. There are several advantages of betting online, like betting easily from any location, fast and easy payouts, promotions and several other benefits.

Odibets Ghana has an online betting platform and it is important to note that for you to be able to enjoy all the benefits of online betting, you must register for an online betting account as it has become a prerequisite for all bookmakers. Upon registration, you will get your account credentials that will give you access to your account whenever you wish to place a bet, you must be careful not to share your account details with anyone or lose them. If it happens that you forgot your Odibets account details, there is a procedure which you must follow in order to gain access to your account.
How to recover your Odibets GH account after forgetting your password?
You must visit the official Odibets website at https://odibets.com.gh:
You must click on the green login button.
Enter your phone number and click on ‘forgot password’
You will receive an sms with a reset PIN
Enter the PIN and choose your new password.

We are certainly living in the internet age where everything is done through the internet, you can now buy groceries online, book flights, online banking and several other activities including betting. Several punters in Ghana are getting more involved in online betting because of the convenience it brings and this is the reason why Ghana betting sites are spending lots of money in ensuring that they have a world class online platform so that their customers bet easily without hassles. One of the main problems with online betting in Africa is the cost of internet and punters end up going to the betshop or abandon betting if they have a limited data plan.

Betika have found a perfect solution to deal with the issue of data by introducing the lite mode to their website. The beauty of the Lite mode is that punters use less data and browse their web pages faster, so what this means is that you can bet even if you are on a very low data plan. This move by Betika will save Betika customers’ money on mobile data and it is always encouraging to see bookmakers helping their valued customers.
With the Betika Lite website, you are able to bet on all the betting products available on the main site including sports, virtual sports, eSports, Live betting, Falaa Daily Jackpot and Fabom Beti. Unfortunately, you cannot bet on Casino or the Betika Super League at the moment, probably because these are largely graphical products and they use quite a lot of data.

How to access the Betika Lite version?
Betika punters who wish to bet using the Lite mode can access it by using the following link https://www.betika.com.gh/lite/ . Other websites have a button where you can swich between the original website and the Lite version but the Betika online platform doesn’t have such and you have to do it manually.

How is this different from the full site?
There is a huge difference in structure between the Lite Betika website and the main one with the main site being the more appealing one due to the fact that it uses images which makes it beautiful, the Lite version on the other hand is all about saving data so appearance is immaterial.
Data Saving
The Betika lite version was created for saving data and that is where it also differs from the main site because it uses less data than the main site.
Because the Betika lite version uses less data than the main site, it also means that it has a better loading speed that the main site so punters who bet using Betika lite will experience better speeds even on slow connections.
You can bet on several betting products on the Betika Lite site with the exception of Casino or the Betika Super League.

Betika is always looking for new and exciting products for its valued customers and this time around, they have come up with the exciting Fabom Beti product which has been very well received by the punters because it allows them to create their own winning combinations.

Unlike the traditional form of betting which only allows you to bet on a single market on one match, Betika’s Fabom Beti allows you to make several market selections for the same game. Of course, you will not be able to bet on all the markets you can think of when you use Fabom Beti, but you can bet on some of the most popular markets namely:

Red card
Substitution in the first half?
Penalty Kick?
Own Goal?
Total number of corner kicks
First yellow card
First corner kick
Which team will score first goal? (in case of 0-0,market will be void)
Which team will score last goal? (in case of 0-0 will be refund)
odd / even goals?

The good thing about such a product as Fabom Beti is that it gives punters with several betting opportunities to win extremely huge amounts, it is important however to note that all your selections have to win in order for you to win your Fabom Beti bet.

How to find Fabom Beti on the Betika website?
In order for you to bet on this popular product, you must visit the official Betika website at https://www.betika.com.gh/ and click on ‘More’ on the main menu of the website. After clicking ‘More’, there will be a dropdown menu and that is where you will find ‘Fabom Beti’, you must click on the link and bet on whatever match is available.

Odibets is a Ghana betting site which knows how to treat its new clients by offering them with free betting cash. When you register with OdiBets Ghana, the bookmaker will provide you with the stake of GHS 3 for your first bet, and what this means is that if you win after placing bets with that stake, you get to keep the winnings, if not, then the site will retain their stake.

Free Bets are randomly given to punters and if you have a Free Bet in your account, you will notice the FreeBet banner which will be displayed on the website under ‘My Bets’. You must click on the banner to open the game’s overview where you can find all of the relevant information.

If you have friends that you wish to share this freebet bonus with, you can refer them by sharing the link below https://odibets.com.gh/freebet . Please note that in order for you to withdraw your winnings from your freebet, the amount has to be more than GHs. 100 and the withdrawal can be made via SMS or Web.

To withdraw via SMS, you must send an sms “W#Amount” to 29680 using the phone number associated with your account.

To withdraw via WEB you must visit the official Odibets website at https://odibets.com.gh/. Select login and enter your number and password to access your account. Proceed by selecting ‘Menu’ top left and then select ‘Withdrawal’. Proceed to enter the amount you wish to withdraw (minimum GHs. 100) and select ‘Request Withdrawal’.