Best Jackpot in Ghana

So, which betting site has the BEST Jackpot in Kenya? Well, it all really depends on what you mean by best. It can mean different things to different people.

Is it the jackpot that has the highest bonus? The lowest stake? The most matches or least matches? The Ghana Jackpot that happens the most frequently each week? Or alternatively see all Ghana betting sites with Jackpots.

We’ll give you the information below and you then decide.

Ghana Jackpot with the Highest Jackpot Bonus.
The Jackpot with the highest bonus in Ghana at the moment is the jackpot from Betway. The Pick 15. The potential bonus is GHC 1 600 000.

Ghana Jackpot with the lowest take.
The jackpot with the lowest stake at the moment in Ghana is the jackpot from Betpawa, at only GHC 1 per bet.

Jackpot with the most draws per week.
The jackpots from Powerbets Ghana happen every single day, and there are typically at least 4 jackpot pools daily. Making this one of the most frequent jackpots in Ghana.

Ghana Jackpot with least number of matches.
The is easily the Betway Pick5 Jackpot, with only 5 matches that you need to correctly predict the outcome of.