Betway Ghana 4 to Score

Betway continues to be the leaders in the betting industry, offering unique products to their valued customers like the 4 to score, where players can win up to a GHS 50 000 by simply predicting on the first four goal scorers.
4 To Score is a weekly game which features only four matches which are carefully selected by Betway. This game is very easy, you simply need to select the player who you think will score the first goal in each of the four matches. 
You must be thinking ‘What if I am predicting a goalless draw?’ that is also catered for as well because you can simply choose the option of ‘No Goalscorer’ if that is what you are predicting. Key to this game is your ability to analyse the selected soccer teams and players in order to ascertain which players are likely to score first or whether the teams will just play out a goalless draw.
The 4 To Score is free only on the first entry and after that, you can only unlock another 4 entries by placing bets valued at GHS 20 for each additional entry. If you look at it carefully, you can actually see that the additional entries are also free.
It usually takes up to 24 hours for the GHS 20 bets to unlock other 4 To Score entries and you need to make sure that you make all your predictions made before the round closes (usually on a weekend) and they do not carry over.
What is also good about 4To Score is that Betway has made available a feature called the Random Pick button for punters who are stuck and don’t know which selection to make. Since there are no guarantees in betting, you might as well try out this feature and it might win you thousands. 
In order to play 4 To Score, you need to click on the 4 To Score button on the main menu in order to navigate the page. You then need to pick one first goalscorer from each of the four chosen matches either manually or through the use of the Random Pick button and submit.
Valid bets are those placed not later than 10 minutes before kick-off of the first match and it is important to note that all submissions are final and cannot be changed once saved.
The prize which can be won each round is GHS 50,000.