787 Ghana Lottery

The 787 lottery is a very popular Ghanaian lottery which is operated by Wotiriye. Wotiriye made a partnership with the National Lottery Authority, Airteltigo, Vodafone and MTN to create a very popular game called 787. One thing about this lottery is that it is made for everyone as it can be played on any type of phone and you can play it on the go as long as you are in Ghana. Wotiriye Lotteries Limited and is a registered company and is authorized and regulated by the National Lottery Authority.

How to Register on the 787 Platform?
You do not have to register on the 787 platform, if your mobile number is registered in Ghana, you will be eligible to bet on the 787 game.
What is the 787 game all about?
The 787 game is drawn thrice a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, with Saturday being the main draw day and Tuesdays and Thursdays being special days where one wins 6 times an amount to qualify for the Saturday jackpot. The Player participates with his mobile phone number whereby the Operator will assign a letter. The letter will stay the same for all participations purchased by a Player per mobile phone per Draw and the Stake for each Participation per Draw is GHS 5. If the player wants to increase their chances of winning, additional participation can be bought. Additional participations assigned to you will be created by the operator. In this case, the operator will give these additional participations as many different end digits as possible. The letter will stay the same for all participations purchased per mobile phone per draw.
How to play the 787 game?
In order for you to play the 787 game, you must dial *787# or select “play now” on the 787 official website. Pick how many tickets you would like to play. After choosing how many tickets you wish to play, pay for the games via Mobile Money or Credit Card. If you are a winner, you will be notified so that you can claim your prize.
What is the 787 payment structure?
If you win any prize , your winnings will be paid out to you into your mobile money account. If it so happens that the prize won is equal to or exceeds GHS 2,000, the total amount won will be paid into your bank account or by cheque payment. During participation, payments made to the operator are only made with mobile money. Please note that you can only play this game if mobile money details match your identity. It is important to note that all the transaction charges are incurred by the operator. A prize can be claimed within 90 days of announcement otherwise the prize money shall be added to the prize reserve where it will be given back to the participants of the game.
Customer Support
Fanaka Lotto has a very good customer support team which is always on hand to assist clients with their quiries. You can get in touch with them through a number of platforms namely;
Whatsapp : +233 272 636 448
Facebook Messenger : 787 Lottery
Email : support@787lottery.com
Phone : 0307000501