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We have tips for Betway GH Pick 5, Pick 6, Pick 10 and Pick 15 Ghana Jackpots

Jackpot has ended.

Jackpot has ended.

Betway Ghana offers a range of bet-markets, promotions, casino, virtual play and various game-play but importantly provides online punters with a decent jackpot option. If you would rather not bet on a jackpot, you can use our Ghana Football Betting tips page or our Ghana correct score prediction page, or a Betway GH Login Guide. The other popular site in Ghana is Msport.

Betway GH Jackpot Prediction

The Betway GH (found at betway com gh) site offers a range of jackpot options including a mega-one called the Colossus, with punters standing a chance to win 10 million GHS. The Colossus in made up of seven leagues and the punter has to predict the exact outcome of seven fixtures, and the exact score (eg 2-1, 3-3 etc).

The substantial earning potential does not end there with another large jackpot available called the Pick 6, with a pay-out of 2 million GHS. The punter has to predict the correct score for six of the half a dozen matches played.  

Betway Ghana is really going all out to please football fans and punters alike with the offering of yet another large pay-out, this times in the means of a more traditional 15 format.

The Betway GH Pick 15 Jackpot is a straight home win, draw or away win format, meaning the punter has to accurately predict the outcome of the match rather than the score.

The bettor must decide whether the matches on the scheduled jackpot will result in a home win, a draw or away win, and there are opportunities to play double chances thus increasing the stake but also decreasing the odds. The more double and triple chances the higher the stake, as it does go up significantly as more chances are used. The pay-out for the Pick 15 is 1.6 million GHS. There are pay-outs for punters who miss one, two or three outcomes and correctly predict the others on offer.

The portal also offers a ‘smart pick’ which allows the punter to press on the icon and allow a computer generator to assist with selecting results, scores and outcomes. This smart pick is not a random generator but follows the most likely events. Betway offers a unique punting experience by allowing customized bet prediction services. Also take a look at the Betway Ghana App

 Punters can use Airtel or vodaphone cash to place bets, while betting on jackpots via SMS is a popular means of placing wagers. even boast an app to go with their mobi site and with such a varied choice of jackpots, and substantially massive ones to boot, the developers are really going all out to provide the punters with the ultimate football pools selection. Other jackpots are also on offer on the Betway Casino games.

Betway GH multi-bet boost

Betway is one of the most recognizable and established online betting sites in Ghana, along with Betpawa Ghana. Betway com GH offers a large sportsbook, casino, jackpots, betgames and a range of top-notch promotions. Among the many promos is the multi-bet boost, and punters can add to their original accumulator bet-winnings by up to 100%.

According to the promotion, each leg with odds of 1.3 or more added to a multi-bet will boost the winnings relatively (more legs, higher win percentage). The boosted winnings will be paid into the punter’s account.

The boost starts from as little as two legs (3%) and runs to 30 legs (100%) and punters can earn significant amounts for large-legged accumulator wagers. Remember the only way to qualify for this bonus is to register for Betway Ghana.

It is important to note that only legs with the minimum odds of 1.3 will count on the multi to qualify for the boost. I a punter takes a cash-out then all boosts will be null and void.

A player can find the multi-bet boost details under the promos link, found on the main landing page menu directory.

Betway Ghana Rebound Boost

The Rebound Boost offers punters a chance to redeem their account if they are on a losing streak.

Punters not having the best of times, can qualify for a free bet through this promo.

The free bet cannot be redeemed for cash, not can it be substituted or exchanged.

Any free bet can only be used in a single bet. If a player places a 50 Cedi bet at 4/1, and wins, they will receive 150 Cedi, as the free bet amount will be ceded back to Betway.

The maximum return on any free bet is 1000 Cedi.

Betway GH Deposit and Withdraw

The site has well-detailed ‘how to’ sections. This Betway Ghana Deposit and Withdraw details can be found at the bottom of the main landing page, under ‘banking’ link and terms and conditions link.

There are five banking options, MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone, VISA Debit, Visa Credit, airtel/tigo. The minimum deposits on MTN, Vodafone, and airtel/tigo is one Cedi, while on VISA it is 2 Cedi. The maximum deposits on MTN is 5000, on Vodafone 2000 as is tigo while the limit on Visa is one million.

To check out detailed how to deposit, go to the betway landing page, scroll to how to section at bottom and click on tab.

There is also a dedicated how to link on the main menu directory on the landing page.

Then click on how to deposit, and each banking option will be available. Click on your provider for example airtel then follow steps. On airtel, dial *500#, select buy goods, select others, enter BETWAY, enter amount and enter pin.

To deposit on tigo dial *501# and follow steps.

To deposit on Vodafone dial *110# and follow prompts.

To deposit on MTN USSD dial *170# and follow the prompts.

To deposit via Card, click on card transactions – this says tap on deposit on Betway, select debit or credit and follow the prompts.

To withdraw, a punter must navigate to my account, select withdraw, select banking option, request withdraw, and enter amount.

Betway Ghana Bet by SMS

The Betway Ghana online sports betting site ( gh) is one of the most well-known in the country and not only does it offer all the amenities and features, but also has a detailed how to section.

To bet via SMS, go to the main landing page, click on ‘how to’ (found on the main menu directory on landing page) and then click on bet link.

This opens a few options, namely pre-game, live betting, how to withdraw and SMS Bet. Click on the last one, and it will open a pop-up. Read, then click on hyperlink, this takes the player to a detailed how to bet by SMS guide.

To register SMS Accept to 1795, and you will get a SMS confirmation back. To place a bet via SMS a player must SMS the Betway Game id, the result and amount (min bet 2 Cedi) and SMS to 1795.

To bet a multi, a player must select the game id for example M345 then a # then result. So will look like M345#2. Keep doing this for all multi-legs on bet and send to 1795.

There are options to bet on other markets like bothy teams to score for example. Game id, #BT, then selection – YES/NO, then amount, then send.

To withdraw via SMS a punter must send w#amount to 1795. To check balance SMS BALANCE to 1795. To reset password, SMS RESET to 1795.

To get Fixture list SMS Fixtures to 1795.

To get top or next games – SMS GAMES to 1795.

Betway Ghana 4 to Score

Betway Ghana ( gh) continues to be the leaders in the betting industry, offering unique products to their valued customers like the 4 to score, where players can win up to a GHS 50 000 by simply predicting on the first four goal scorers.
4 To Score is a weekly game which features only four matches which are carefully selected by Betway. This game is very easy, you simply need to select the player who you think will score the first goal in each of the four matches. 
You must be thinking ‘What if I am predicting a goalless draw?’ that is also catered for as well because you can simply choose the option of ‘No Goalscorer’ if that is what you are predicting. Key to this game is your ability to analyse the selected soccer teams and players in order to ascertain which players are likely to score first or whether the teams will just play out a goalless draw.
The 4 To Score is free only on the first entry and after that, you can only unlock another 4 entries by placing bets valued at GHS 20 for each additional entry. If you look at it carefully, you can actually see that the additional entries are also free.
It usually takes up to 24 hours for the GHS 20 bets to unlock other 4 To Score entries and you need to make sure that you make all your predictions made before the round closes (usually on a weekend) and they do not carry over.
What is also good about 4To Score is that Betway has made available a feature called the Random Pick button for punters who are stuck and don’t know which selection to make. Since there are no guarantees in betting, you might as well try out this feature and it might win you thousands. 
In order to play 4 To Score, you need to click on the 4 To Score button on the main menu in order to navigate the page. You then need to pick one first goalscorer from each of the four chosen matches either manually or through the use of the Random Pick button and submit.
Valid bets are those placed not later than 10 minutes before kick-off of the first match and it is important to note that all submissions are final and cannot be changed once saved.
The prize which can be won each round is GHS 50,000.