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Eazibet.com.gh is an extension of the popular and well established African online sports betting family, and as with all of the platforms the Ghanaian version does not disappoint.

One of Eazibet’s key features is the variety of jackpot games available, with the site offering a daily6 competition, a Super8 and a Super 13.

There is even a free bet jackpot called the “Neil Andrews Correct Score jackpot.” The variety of different jackpots makes Eazibet Ghana one of the preferred destinations for many punters in this West African country.

The Eazibet Ghana daily jackpot is made up six matches and follows the traditional pools format of a punter having to correctly predict the outright result, and this is done by means of selecting a home win, draw or away win on each of the six featured games for the day.

The fixtures for the Lucky6 are taken from leading leagues across the world, including the English Premiership, La Liga, Serie A and the French Lige 1.

This is ostensibly on only match days when the big leagues are in action and on quitter days like Mondays and Fridays the scheduled fixtures could come from any professional football league across the globe, and normally of the obscure variety.

There is an option for a random generated bet, named the lucky dip, and this will throw out a computerized bet dependant on the amount wishing to be staked.

The minimum bet for all the jackpots is set at GHS 2, while the maximum pay-out is not mentioned, but according to the site will be made up of all bets taken on the relevant jackpot and the prize money being split up according to amount in the pool for each competition, be it daily or weekly. Under the terms and conditions of the Super 13 jackpot the site says that all wins for all pools will be allocated by percentage of playing action, yet it mentions that the Super13 will earn a set amount – but nowhere on the site is this max amount ever detailed. There is no sign of this max pay-out on the home page, under FAQ’s, glossary, banners or under the jackpot link.

Most sports betting sites in Ghana and beyond advertise, display and go into detail on a minimum pay-out and perhaps EaziBet Ghana could have done down that route, as not knowing how much a person could stand to win could somehow detract from the overall jackpot-experience.

The Eazibet Super 8 is a jackpot held mid-week and another on weekend action and is an extension of the daily6 in that a punter must correctly predict the outright result, on a home win, draw or away win option.

As with all the jackpots on offer punters can make use of double chances by selecting two predictions on various games scheduled increasing the chances of winning but also increasing the stake amount dependent on how many double chances are taken.

The Super 8 fixtures are also taken from top leagues around the world including the biggest European games each mid-week and weekend.

As with all the jackpot action there is a lucky dip – a random computer-generated bet dependent on stake amount bet. If a punter bets the minimum then one result on each fixture will be generated but more stake money will see this factor in more than one game to have a double chance.

The Eazibet Super13 jackpot is a weekly affair and takes in action from the top leagues, and is also played on the traditional three result means of betting (Home, Draw, Away).

The Neil Andrews free bet jackpot is a correct score only pool, meaning that not only must the punter predict the result, but also the correct goals scored, for example Liverpool defeating Everton 4-1. This is one of the hardest jackpots to catch as there are so many variables that affect the outcome of one match let alone multiple contests.

The site does not give much more detail about this free bet jackpot and there is no set fixture list shown (at the time of review). There is also scant information about the Super 13 jackpot and there are also evidently no fixtures and bet-slip set up for this option at time of review. Review was done in season and on a weekend, so this is strange in itself.

All details on the jackpot are given when a punter clicks on the jackpot link (on the main page directory) and the terms and conditions are standard fare regarding cut-off times, postponed matches, cancellations and more.

EaziBet Ghana has really simplified the explanation of ‘how to play’ the jackpot and a punter can place a stake via USSD or online. The USSD (short code) means the punter must dial *377# and select Option to play Jackpot game. There is also an option to place a bet via mobile phone.

The site attracts many new customers and holds onto existing clientele by offering some of the most extensive promotions, including a welcome bonus, ‘refer a friend’ promo, cash back and accumulator bonus. The promotions will mean that more clients mean more people will be playing the various jackpots and hence the prize monies will increase for each draw.

The Eazibet.co.gh site is attractive for new and old punters, and provides a real variety of jackpot options – it is a pity that the main Super 13 jackpot and the free bet jackpot are not advertised, or available in season on what is a busy weekend for top European action.