Safaribetting Jackpot Predictions

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The Safaribetting online sports betting site offers a wide range of football jackpots with substantial prizes on offer.

The football Jackpots are becoming a staple feature in almost all Ghana online sports betting companies and operators in Ghana are no exception, and with competition for clientele so rife, companies like Safaribetting are offering large jackpots.

The site offers many large jackpots every day, with the biggest pools happening many times a day, especially on the weekend. This is very similar for both Betpawa and Odibets Ghana.

These high-end pay-out jackpots are not the traditional ‘straight’ pool-like games, where a result is denoted by a home win, draw or away, and these are far more exotic jackpots, including correct score and both teams to score.

The pay-outs for the larger jackpots range from 10 000 cedi all the way to 5 million cedi and each jackpot is unique in their format.

On the face of it, these jackpots, especially to newcomers, are a bit confusing so an in-depth analysis of how it works is needed.

From the main landing page, a punter must click on the football jackpots link and will then be taken to a new page.

Alternatively, a punter can type in the URL and this will take them directly to the requisite page.

The page looks intimidating to newcomers with up to 15 available jackpot pools on any given day, ranging from small pay-outs to substantially larger ones.

Under each heading, for example ALL_POOLS there is a list of up to 15 different jackpot games and there is info on the pay-out, the day and the times. A user can then click on the pool they want to play. The first one up for grabs at time of review is a jackpot for 10 000 cedi and is a ‘straight’ jackpot featuring five teams, with the punter simply having to decide if the event will end in a home win, draw or away win. The matches are taken from leagues across the world, including EPL, English second tier, Serie A, Bundesliga and La Liga.

The bet slip for that specific pool is on the right-hand side and a punter simply needs to tap on predicted result and the amount they want to stake.

The punter can then go back to the main pools page and scroll through any of the many jackpots on offer and see the pay-outs and this will lead them to wanting to play an easier five-legged game or a more complicated but higher-rewarding jackpot. The large jackpot on offer on this day was a 1.6 million cedi pool with the punter having to predict the results over 15 legs, with a home win, draw or away win method. These games are made up of the same leagues as mentioned above.

The biggest jackpot on this particular Saturday was for 10 million cedi and it took the form of a 7-legged exact score pool. This means that the punter must predict the exact score from each contest.

Then there is a Both Teams To Score jackpot, and a host of other exciting games, ranging from relatively small pay-outs to life-changing potential wins.

There are so many options at safaribetting and the page is full of fixtures and bet-markets, but there is little explanation as to the basic mechanics of how to place a bet, jackpot specific terms and conditions and graphics and banners. The site overloads the brain with arguably the most varied jackpots and there is not much space for sensory pleasing graphics.

There are also confusing menu options to become part of a betting syndicate to increase chances of winning jackpots and this looks daunting for newcomers to the art of jackpot betting.

The details of joining a syndicate for each particular jackpot is found at the top of the directory of the pools page, under the heading menu. SYNDICATES and clicking on this link can lead to serious confusion. The page is filled with almost coded information and looks like a crowd-funding link.

The syndicate page is made up of filters (left-hand flank) with a punter having choice to join a syndicate on pools for normal jackpots, correct score pools, over/under games, both teams to score and point margins.

The main bulk of the page shows each jackpot, the value of the pay-out, the date and time and how much percentage of the bet is funded. A punter can take a stake in a jackpot funding syndicate to any amount, and they will be paid out the same percentage of bet they put in. Syndicates all punters to raise the stake by placing double and triple chances on each fixture in the draw and lowering the odds of landing the win. They will obviously share the money according to syndicate rules and amounts staked, but this type of crowd-funding does make it easier to predict the outcomes. There are so many variables in an exact score jackpot that the equations and odds run into the millions.

It is very rare to see syndicate funding on an online sports betting site, as there are normally special web and mobi sites dedicated to this activity, but it seems safaribetting wants to keep everything in-house – an interesting tactic and one that may have been taken to eliminate fraudulent activity and scam sites.

Then finally there is an icon for free bet jackpot play but this in only for subscribers and does not give any details to observers or potential clients.

Details on depositing, withdrawing, bank options and terms and conditions can be found on the home page or by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

This is one of the most interesting betting sites as the complexity of the jackpots, the variety of exotic pools and the use of crowd-funding syndicates points to some serious punting action.

Once a user gets used to the lay-out, syndication and types of bet-markets, this could be a serious way of earning a living out of sports betting.