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On the global online gambling stage, Betway is essentially one of the most popular sportsbooks. The story of Betway started in 2006. Betway’s operations started in Europe. Betway’s inception coincided with the advent of the mobile gaming revolution. Betway from the get-go quickly embraced the mobile gaming revolution and that necessitated it to quickly rise to stardom. 

Once it became evident that Betway’s stock was fast rising, the team behind the sportsbook decided to expand the bookie’s sphere of influence. It’s against this that Betway found its way to Ghana. Since it announced its arrival on the Ghana online gambling scene, Betway has won the hearts of many and now ranks amongst the most popular bookmakers in the country.  

At Betway GH, players do enjoy a wide variety of gambling products. These include both sports-related and non-sports related. Betway’s reach when it comes to sports events is so wide such that it allows punters to place bets on some ‘unknown’ sports and leagues from the furthest corners of the world. When placing their bets. Betway punters can make use of the main website or the mobile app. When it comes to the mobile app, the steps that players should take in downloading it are explored below.  

How to Locate and Download the Betway App 

  1. Launch the official Betway site at
  2. Once on the homepage, scroll down to the footer tab
  3. On the footer tab, you will find the app download buttons. One is for the Android app and the other for the iOS app. Depending on the operating system your phone runs on, click either the ‘DOWNLOAD ON THE APP STORE’ or ‘DOWNLOAD FOR ANDROID’ tab 
  4. If you click the Android option, the APK file download will automatically start. If you click the iOS option, you are redirected to the App Store. Once on the App Store, click the ‘Get’ button and the download as well as installation will automatically start 
  5. For the Android option, once the APK file is downloaded, click the ‘Open’ button to run and install the Betway app 
  6. After the Betway app is installed on your device, it will appear on the home screen. Just click the app icon to launch and open the app. 

Features Available on the App 

The Betway app is quite popular among Ghana sports punters and casino players. The main reason behind this is necessitated by the fact that the app offers a collection of some cool features. These include: 

  • Great Selection of Gambling Products: The first thing we want to highlight is that the Betway app offers a great selection of gambling products. The gambling products offered include both sports-related and non-sports related products.   
  • Live Betting: Using the Betway app, players are afforded the privilege of placing live bets while the event is in action. One of the great benefits of live bets is that they allow punters to place bets from a more informed position as they know exactly what’s happening. If the tide is in favour of one team, they know the most probable bet to place. 
  • Betting Parlays: At Betway, punters can place single as well as parlay bets. When talking about parlay bets, we simply mean that you can combine different bets on the same bet slip. If you add quite a number of selections on the bet slip, you stand a chance of benefiting from multi-bet winnings boost. The winnings boost is an additional payout awarded on all winning parlay bets. 
  • Live Scores: During live games, Betway always displays the current scores. This means punters don’t have to visit external sites to check for the results of their selections. They can simply see the live scores once they open the app.  
  • Early Cashout: If things aren’t exactly going according to plan as according to your bet predictions, you can choose to cash out early and recoup part of your stake back (and any potential winnings) before the event/s comes to an end.

Round Up 

The Betway mobile app is available for free download. The app is available to both Android and iOS users. Android users have to start by downloading the APK file first and then installing the app. This owing to the fact that the app cannot be downloaded directly from the Play Store as there is a restriction on sharing gambling apps. iOS users however can directly download the app from the App Store. 

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