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What is Ghana Fortune Thursday?
Fortune Thursday is one of the many games which are offered by the National Lottery Authority of Ghana. This popular game was launched on the 12th of April 2007 and it has been one of the people’s favourites. The Thursday Fortune is a 5/90 fixed odds game and as the name suggests, it is drawn each and every Thursday. This game is quite difficult to win due to the huge number range which is from 1-90. The lotto game is a one set lotto game which does not use a Bonus Ball. See all NLA Predictions
How do you play Fortune Thursday?
In order for you to play the Fortune Thursday, you must choose 5 main numbers between 1 and 90 and you will win the jackpot if you manage to match all the winning numbers with the drawn ones. Please note that you can play this game on a point of Sale Terminal operated by any NLA licensed Retailer or via a short code *890# on all networks. Please note that there is four other secondary prize categories if you miss out on the jackpot.
When are the draws for Fortune Thursday conducted?
The Fortune Thursday is drawn every Friday at 18:30 Africa/Accra Time at the Brenan Hall of NLA.
Who can bet on Fortune Thursday?
The Ghana Fortune Thursday is available to the residents of Ghana, players outside Ghana can bet on it as Lucky Numbers.
What are the odds of winning Fortune Thursday?
In order to win the Fortune Thursday jackpot, you must beat the odds of 1 in 43,949,268. Below are the odds for all the prize categories;
Match Odds
5 numbers 1 in 43949268
4 numbers 1 in 103410
3 numbers 1 in 1231
2 numbers 1 in 44.5
1 number 1 in 4.3