Betika Lite

We are certainly living in the internet age where everything is done through the internet, you can now buy groceries online, book flights, online banking and several other activities including betting. Several punters in Ghana are getting more involved in online betting because of the convenience it brings and this is the reason why Ghana betting sites are spending lots of money in ensuring that they have a world class online platform so that their customers bet easily without hassles. One of the main problems with online betting in Africa is the cost of internet and punters end up going to the betshop or abandon betting if they have a limited data plan.

Betika have found a perfect solution to deal with the issue of data by introducing the lite mode to their website. The beauty of the Lite mode is that punters use less data and browse their web pages faster, so what this means is that you can bet even if you are on a very low data plan. This move by Betika will save Betika customers’ money on mobile data and it is always encouraging to see bookmakers helping their valued customers.
With the Betika Lite website, you are able to bet on all the betting products available on the main site including sports, virtual sports, eSports, Live betting, Falaa Daily Jackpot and Fabom Beti. Unfortunately, you cannot bet on Casino or the Betika Super League at the moment, probably because these are largely graphical products and they use quite a lot of data.

How to access the Betika Lite version?
Betika punters who wish to bet using the Lite mode can access it by using the following link . Other websites have a button where you can swich between the original website and the Lite version but the Betika online platform doesn’t have such and you have to do it manually.

How is this different from the full site?
There is a huge difference in structure between the Lite Betika website and the main one with the main site being the more appealing one due to the fact that it uses images which makes it beautiful, the Lite version on the other hand is all about saving data so appearance is immaterial.
Data Saving
The Betika lite version was created for saving data and that is where it also differs from the main site because it uses less data than the main site.
Because the Betika lite version uses less data than the main site, it also means that it has a better loading speed that the main site so punters who bet using Betika lite will experience better speeds even on slow connections.
You can bet on several betting products on the Betika Lite site with the exception of Casino or the Betika Super League.

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