Aviator on Betfox Ghana

BetFox is one of the newest online sports betting platform in the Ghanaian betting industry, the bookmaker may be new in the betting industry but they offer a great service which is as good as the service from seasoned bookmakers. BetFox is a licensed bookmaker which is licensed by the Gaming Commission of Ghana so all your betting activities on the betting site are secure. There is quite a number of betting products on the BetFox platform including sports, live betting as well as virtual games, there is also a wide range of promotions available on the platform for both new and existing clients including the biggest Acca Bonus in Ghana paying more than 1000% at times. BetFox offers bets on football, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball, and many more sports. BetFox has a great website which is user friendly which can be accessed with any smartphone, and consumes just a small amount of data, which is great for punters on a limited data plan. BetFox clients will be excited to know that this bookmaker offers the Aviator game which is a great game which is extremely popular in te betting industry.

How to find Aviator game on BetFox?

In order for you to find the aviator game on the BetFox platform, you must;

Visit the BetFox website at https://www.betfox.com.gh/promotions and login.

Click on ‘Virtual Games’ on the main menu and you will be redirected to the ‘Virtual Games’ page.

Click on the ‘Aviator’ game which will be at the top of that page due to its popularity.

Input your stake and place your bet.

Aviator on Betway Ghana

Betway is an international bookmaker which regarded by many as arguably the best bookmaker in the world. Betway operates in several countries across the world and their service in all the countries it operates in is exceptional. In its initial stages, Betway mainly focused on establishing its services in Europe and after successfully launching in Europe, Betway started looking at expanding their services in other countries and that is how the bookmaker found itself in Ghana and several other African countries. Betway operates legally in Ghana where it is licensed and regulated by the Gaming Commission of Ghana under license numbers No GCSB22K2550G and No GCCA22V1046K. The bookmaker offers several betting products on its platform including Sports Live Betting, Casino Games, Lucky Numbers, Betgames, Mahala Jackpot, Esports and Aviator amongst others. Betway GH is always on the lookout for new betting products in order to add value on their platform, so from time to time you will find new betting products being added on the platform. One of the most recent additions on the Betway betting platform is the Aviator game, which has been well received by punters.

Where to find the Aviator game on the Betway GH website 

Please note that in order for you to play the Aviator game online, you must be a registered Betway client. In order for you to bet on Aviator using the Betway desktop site, you must;

Visit the official Betway website at https://www.betway.com.gh/

Log into your Betway account.


click the Aviator icon on the main menu.


Select Casino Games and select ‘Aviator’

Click on the Aviator icon to launch the game.

Input your stake an start playing the aviator game.

Aviator on Msport Ghana

Msport is a very popular and successful bookmaker which operates in the West African country of Ghana where it offers an exceptional betting service to its clients, the bookmaker is not only available in Ghana but it is available in other African countries such as Nigeria and Uganda. Msport operates legally in Ghana as their business operations are organized under the laws of Ghana and approval of National Gaming Board, this is great because any bookmaker that is licensed is a bookmaker you can trust. Msport offers a variety of betting products on its platform such as Sports, Live Betting, Virtual, Aviator, Games, Jackpot amongst other exciting betting products, the bookmaker also has great bonuses and promotions for both new and existing clients. Msport also has a great online betting platform which allows punters to bet easily in the comfort of their homes or on the go. Msport Ghana offers a wide range of betting markets on all the sporting disciplines they offer, in soccer betting for example, you will have hundreds of markets on Main, Half, Goals, Specials, Bookings, Corners and many others. The bookmaker also offers very competitive odds as well and just a few bookmakers compete with Msport in this area.

How to find Aviator game on Msport Ghana?

Msport Ghana offers the Aviator game on its platform, which is one of the most popular betting product at the moment because it offers them with a real opportunity to make money. In order for you to find the aviator game on the Msport platform, you must;

Visit the Msport Ghana website at https://www.msport.com/gh/ and login.

Click on ‘Games’ on the main menu.

You will be presented with a number of games, click on Aviator which has an icon of a red aeroplane.

Input your stake and place your bet.

Does Msport have a promotion on Aviator?

Msport has a promotion on the Aviator game which is called Friday Aviator Rebate.

Friday Aviator Rebate

To participate in this promotion, you need to bet on Aviator every Friday, meet the minimum, cashout multiplier and accumulated bet amount requirements to share the prize pool. 

Please note that if you meet all the requirements, you can share a total of GHS 220000 prize pool and the prizes will be sent as vouchers on Saturday before 23.59.59.

Terms and Conditions

This promotion only applies to cash bets. Bets that were not cashed off before the plane flew away will not be counted. 

All winners of each tier will share from the corresponding prize pool equally. The prize will be sent as vouchers in 3 working days. The vouchers will be divided into several parts with a total value equal to the prize amount. 

Vouchers provided in this promotion can be used for Sports/ Virtual Betting with min. 1.15 odds. Vouchers will become valid in sequence and some of them can only be used for Live Betting. HNB, DNB, ANB markets are not allowed to use these vouchers. 

MSport reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at our discretion. MSport general terms and conditions applied. 

Sportybet Cash Out

The Sportybet cash out feature is popular feature which lets punters settle their open bets early. The good thing about the Sportybet GH cash out feature is that it puts punters in complete control of their bets and is available on selected games.
When you are doing cash out, the amount you get back depends on the point during the event which you cash out, and because of that, you may actually get less out than the money you initially laid down but the point is you will always get something out. The cash out feature is typically offered as a feature of in-play betting. There are two ways of cash out on the Sportybet platform namely;
Partial Cashout
Auto Cashout
Partial Cashout

When it comes to a Partial Cashout, you will be making a partial Cashout and leave part of the original Stake untouched. A Partial Cashout is allowed when an unsettled bet is a Single or Multiple with one combination. A Single Bet has 10 possible times to use Partial Cashout and a Multiple Bet has 5 possible times to use Partial Cashout.

Sportsbet GH Auto Cashout
You can create an Auto Cashout rule after you place a bet. You can set a threshold for each bet that is either higher or lower than the current cashout offer. Once the cashout offer reaches or exceeds the threshold you set, the system will attempt to, depending on the rule you set, either fully cashout or partially cashout the amount automatically and the funds will be added to your balance if successful.
You can remove your Auto Cashout rule at anytime before it is triggered, or it will be removed automatically if you cashout manually. You can have only one Auto Cashout rule per bet at any given time.

How to cash out with Sportybet GH?

In order for you to cash out, you must login to your account and select “Cashout” in the betslip, those with the “Cashout” icon can be cashed out immediately. The minimum cashout amount is GHS 0.10.
Sportybet Cashout Terms and Conditions
Cashout is available on a wide variety of markets. However, SportyBet has the right to remove some games or competitions or sports from the cashout offer at anytime without prior notice.
A time delay in accepting a Cashout request is in place. If a price changes or a market suspends then the Cashout of the original amount request may not be successful.
If the Cashout request is successful, this will be displayed and the bet will be settled immediately. The actual final result of the related market will have no impact on the Cashout amount.
The Cashout amount offered at any time is the total amount that will be returned to your account if successful.
Where we have reason to believe that a Cashout is carried out after the outcome of an event is known, we reserve the right to void the orignal bet that was cashed out.
Bets placed with Gift cannot be cashed out.
SportyBet cannot guarantee that the Cashout feature will be available on your bet selection.
SportyBet will not be responsible if the Cashout feature is not available for technical reasons and bets will stand as originally placed during any such period

Betway Ghana Pundit Quiz Promotion

Betway Ghana has this amazing promotion which will benefit those punters who really have an in-depth knowledge about their favourite sport.
A total of GHS10,000 will be shared by the winners and for you to participate, you simply need to choose the correct answer and you will earn 3 points for the leaderboard. If you are somewhere at the top of the table at the end of the month and you’ll win a share of GHS10,000 in cash.
If you are the first to reach 100 points, and you will win the grand prize of GHS100,000 in cash.
Terms and Conditions
The Betway Pundit Quiz is free to play and is open to all new and existing Betway customers.
In order to win the cash prize, customers simply need to earn points and top their sport-specific leaderboard. The leader of each leaderboard at the end of the month will win a share of GHS10,000 in cash each. If there is a tie on the Monthly leaderboard, the prize will be awarded to the player who answered first.
Customers will be limited to one free entry per question. Once an answer has been submitted, it cannot be changed, cancelled or amended.
Customers will earn one (1) point for participating and three (3) points for answering the question correctly. If there is a change in the fixture which affects the outcome of the question, players will receive 1 point for participation.
The first customer to reach 100 leaderboard points will win the grand prize of GHS100,000 in cash.
Once the grand prize has been won, the Betway Pundit promotion will be closed until the next edition is released.

Betway GH Dream Team

The Betway Dream Team is a fantasy game of football which is quite similar to the hugely popular Fantasy Premier League which is played by millions all over the world, if you are familiar with the Fantasy Premier League, you will obviously easily understand the Betway Dream Team.
Betway knows how to please its clients and you will be pleased to know that the Dream Team is free of charge, you just have to be a Betway GH client and if you are not yet register, simply do so and start playing.
When playing the ‘Dream Team’, you need to pick 6 players whom you believe will give you points in a fantasy game on a fixture, please note that you can only choose 1 star player among the lot.
You must be very careful with your selections because you must form a good dream team which will garner enough points to take you to the top of the leaderboard where you stand the chance of winning 2,500 cedis if you are the 1st on the leaderboard.

Betway GH Quick 5

Quick 5 is an exciting Betway GH product where you will be predicting on the correct results of 5 Virtual V-League Games. The beauty about Quick 5 is that you have several opportunities of winning as the games are available everyday.
A new games starts every 10 minutes so you can imagine how many games there are in a day, please note that inasmuch as there are several games daily, you are required to correctly predict the results of just 5 games.
You may be wondering how much it costs to play the Quick 5, well, the Betway Quick 5 is absolutely free to enter as long as you are a Betway customer. In order for you to play Quick 5, you need to log into your betway account or register with Betway if you are not yet a customer.
Please note that your top 5 entries will count towards your daily points and the points to be earned are distributed as follows;
10points for each correct score
3points for each correct result
Prizes are awarded to the top player on the leaderboard each day. In the event players finish on the same amount of points, the decision on the winner is taken by first looking at which player has the highest number of points in any single entry and, if there still is a tie, the winner is the player with the highest number of entries that day.

Betway GH Big 6

Betway Big 6 is an exciting yet simple and straightforward game where all you need to do is to correctly predict the correct scores for the selected matches in order to put yourself in a great position to win the jackpot.
You may be wondering how much it costs to play the Big 6, well, the Betway Big 6 is absolutely free to enter. The game is called ‘Big 6’ because it consists of a total of six matches, so in order to participate, you must choose the score of six predetermined matches each week
The Betway Big 6 is strictly a game for Betway GH customers only so in order for you to enter your predictions, you need to login to your account or register if you are not yet a Betway customer.
The matches are usually released a week earlier so you have up to a week to make your predictions up to the kick off of the first game, afterwhich no predictions will be accepted.
Players who correctly predict the outcome and score all six matches will win GHS 50,000 in cash. Should more than one player correctly predict the outcome and score all six matches, the GHS 50,000 cash prize will be shared equally among all winners.
Picks may only be made once and cannot be changed once submitted. Picks will lock 5 minutes before the kick-off of the first fixture.

Betway GH Prime Time Promotion

December is a month of giving and Betway GH is also in the giving mood with this exciting promotion called Prime Time. To participate in the Betway Prime Time promotion, you must log in every day from the 1st up to the 31st of December.
You must choose the channel you want to binge or watch and you will notice that each channel will have its own unmissable offer or prize for you to claim.

Terms and Conditions
This promotion is open to all new and existing Betway customers.
Players must agree to opt into the promotion by selecting to “Tune In”.
This promotion will run every day from 1 to 31 December, 2021.
Once opted in, players will be able to choose from a variety of ‘channels’ which will consist of each of Betway’s product offerings. Players may only choose one channel per day and may only claim each offer once.
Each day’s offers will be made available from 00:00 (midnight) and will be live for 24 hours only.
Prizes will be credited immediately, but may take up to 24 hours to reflect. In the event that customers need to complete an action (deposit, wager etc.) in order to claim a prize, the reward will only be credited once the action has been completed.
Not all channels will have an offer or prize available each day.
A valid Betway account is required to participate in the promotion.
The promotion is only open to persons who are natural persons, 18 years or older, and either Ghana citizens or permanently reside in Ghana

Melbet Ghana Promo Code

Melbet Ghana is fast becoming one of the premier betting sites operating in Ghana. They have a fast mobile site, have betting available on all the sports, with hundreds of markets available on soccer. In addition there are quick games, lottery games and casino games to play. Not forgetting that Melbet GH have an excellent sign up bonus and offer frequent betting promotions, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

Melbet GH Promotional Code

One thing that Melbet Ghana offer which is popular, is when you register on Melbet Ghana, you have the option of entering a promo code. This gets entered on the registration page, in the promo code field. Why would you enter a code here?
Simple, if you happen to have a Melbet promo code and enter it (assuming it is valid), then you can qualify for an additional sign up bonus on top of the original one.