Betway GH Dream Team

The Betway Dream Team is a fantasy game of football which is quite similar to the hugely popular Fantasy Premier League which is played by millions all over the world, if you are familiar with the Fantasy Premier League, you will obviously easily understand the Betway Dream Team.
Betway knows how to please its clients and you will be pleased to know that the Dream Team is free of charge, you just have to be a Betway GH client and if you are not yet register, simply do so and start playing.
When playing the ‘Dream Team’, you need to pick 6 players whom you believe will give you points in a fantasy game on a fixture, please note that you can only choose 1 star player among the lot.
You must be very careful with your selections because you must form a good dream team which will garner enough points to take you to the top of the leaderboard where you stand the chance of winning 2,500 cedis if you are the 1st on the leaderboard.

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