Betway GH Quick 5

Quick 5 is an exciting Betway GH product where you will be predicting on the correct results of 5 Virtual V-League Games. The beauty about Quick 5 is that you have several opportunities of winning as the games are available everyday.
A new games starts every 10 minutes so you can imagine how many games there are in a day, please note that inasmuch as there are several games daily, you are required to correctly predict the results of just 5 games.
You may be wondering how much it costs to play the Quick 5, well, the Betway Quick 5 is absolutely free to enter as long as you are a Betway customer. In order for you to play Quick 5, you need to log into your betway account or register with Betway if you are not yet a customer.
Please note that your top 5 entries will count towards your daily points and the points to be earned are distributed as follows;
10points for each correct score
3points for each correct result
Prizes are awarded to the top player on the leaderboard each day. In the event players finish on the same amount of points, the decision on the winner is taken by first looking at which player has the highest number of points in any single entry and, if there still is a tie, the winner is the player with the highest number of entries that day.

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