Betway Ghana Pundit Quiz Promotion

Betway Ghana has this amazing promotion which will benefit those punters who really have an in-depth knowledge about their favourite sport.
A total of GHS10,000 will be shared by the winners and for you to participate, you simply need to choose the correct answer and you will earn 3 points for the leaderboard. If you are somewhere at the top of the table at the end of the month and you’ll win a share of GHS10,000 in cash.
If you are the first to reach 100 points, and you will win the grand prize of GHS100,000 in cash.
Terms and Conditions
The Betway Pundit Quiz is free to play and is open to all new and existing Betway customers.
In order to win the cash prize, customers simply need to earn points and top their sport-specific leaderboard. The leader of each leaderboard at the end of the month will win a share of GHS10,000 in cash each. If there is a tie on the Monthly leaderboard, the prize will be awarded to the player who answered first.
Customers will be limited to one free entry per question. Once an answer has been submitted, it cannot be changed, cancelled or amended.
Customers will earn one (1) point for participating and three (3) points for answering the question correctly. If there is a change in the fixture which affects the outcome of the question, players will receive 1 point for participation.
The first customer to reach 100 leaderboard points will win the grand prize of GHS100,000 in cash.
Once the grand prize has been won, the Betway Pundit promotion will be closed until the next edition is released.

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