Ghana National Midweek Lottery

What is the Ghana National Midweek Lotto?
The Ghana National Midweek Lotto is a very popular lottery in Ghana which is a product of the Ghana National Lottery Authority. The lottery is the National Lottery Authority’s second most popular lotto after the Ghana National Weekly lotto and it was launched 17 years ago on the 20th of August 2003. This product is seen as a Break-Even by our winning players to keep their dreams alive. The game-play format for the Ghana National Midweek Lotto ┬áhasn’t changed from the time it was launched. See all NLA Predictions
How do you play the Ghana National Midweek Lotto?
The Ghana National Midweek Lotto is a weekly lottery game whose draws are held on a weekly basis each and every Wednesday. When you are playing the lotto, you must choose 5 numbers from a wide selection of numbers 1 – 90 and unlike other lotteries, the National Midweek Lotto has no bonus number. You can play this lotto by making use of the manual selection (where you get to pick the numbers manually) or use the Quick Pick (Whereby a computer generated system picks the numbers on your behalf). It is up to you to choose the system which works better for you and it is very crucial for you to realise that these two methods are at par and none is better than the other. Interestingly, you can also win even if you don’t hit the jackpot as there are other prize categories fro matching 2, 3 and four numbers. Please note that ticket sales close at 18:00 local Ghana time on the day of the draw.
When are the draws conducted?
The Ghana National Midweek Lotto draws on a weekly basis every Wednesday at the Brendan Hall of the National Lottery Authority in Accra at 18:30 local Ghana time. The draws are conducted with utmost transparency as they are done through the use of a mechanical lottery ball machine. The results of draws are then published on the NLA website, in press and on all NLA Scoreboards across the country.
Who can bet on the Ghana National Midweek Lotto?
Only punters in Ghana can bet on the Ghana National Midweek Lotto.
What are the odds of winning the Ghana National Midweek Lotto?
Hitting the Ghana National Midweek Lotto jackpot is a very tall order due to the fact that there is a large pool of numbers to choose from, but it is doable because several punters have managed to hit the jackpot. The odds of winning the Jackpot in Midweek is 1 in 43,949,268 and what this means is that there are 43,949,268 possible combinations for this lottery.