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National Weekly Lotto - 12/06/2024

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Ghana 5/90 Hot and Cold Numbers

We make our Ghana 5/9 Lotto predictions based on hot and cold numbers. These are the numbers that get drawn frequently or not frequently, and you can use the 5/90 hot and cold numbers as a guide for when making your number selections. See all NLA Predictions. If you don’t enjoy lottery, try bet on sports with Msport Ghana.

The Ghana National Weekly lotto is a very popular lottery in Ghana which was launched in Ghana 58 years ago in 1962, which makes it quite an old lottery. The lotto is a 5/90 lottery which means that you have to match 5 main numbers in order for you to win the National Weekly jackpot. As the name suggests, this lottery is run by the National Lottery Authority in Ghana which makes it a legitimate lottery. Not only is the lottery legitimate, it is also lucrative because ever since the lottery was launched, many people have become instant millionaires after hitting the National Weekly lotto jackpot. The first draw for this lotto  was held on 29 September 1962 and the lottery has never looked back ever since and the game-play format hasn’t changed up to now. The lottery is very affordable to play with the minimum cost of playing being 0,50 GHS.

How do you play the Ghana National Weekly Lotto?
The Ghana National Weekly Lotto is a weekly lottery game whose draws are held on a weekly basis each and every Saturday. When you are playing the lotto, you must choose 5 numbers from a wide selection of numbers 1 – 90 and unlike other lotteries, the National Weekly Lotto has no bonus number.
You can play this 5/90 lotto by making use of the manual selection (where you get to pick the numbers manually) or use the Quick Pick (Whereby a computer generated system picks the numbers on your behalf). It is up to you to choose the system which works better for you and it is very crucial for you to realise that these two methods are at par and none is better than the other. 
The good thing about this lottery is that there are other prizes besides the jackpot prize, and this is quite exciting for punters because it is not everyday that the jackpot is won, but even if you fail to hit the jackpot, you will still win other prizes. Below are the prize categories for the Ghana National Weekly Lotto;
Prize Category   Matched Numbers      Prize
1                                     5                      GH35,600
2                                     4                      GH4,400
3                                     3                      GH1,700
4                                     2                      GH213
When are the draws conducted?
The draws for the Ghana National Weekly Lotto are held each and every Saturday at the National Lottery Authority in Accra at 18:30 local Ghana time, the draws are done using the mechanical lottery ball machine. You can get the lottery results online through dedicated lottery websites just after the draw has been conducted.   
Who can bet on the Ghana National Weekly Lotto?

Currently the Ghana National Weekly Lotto is only available in Ghana.
What are the odds of winning the Ghana National Weekly Lotto?
Hitting the Ghana National Weekly Lotto jackpot is a very tall order due to the fact that there is a large pool of numbers to choose from, but it is doable because several punters have managed to hit the jackpot, Below is the information showing the odds of winning the jackpot and other prize categories;
Prize Category      Matched Numbers       Odds
1                                         5                     1 in 43,949,268
2                                         4                     1 in 103,410
3                                         3                     1 in 1,231
4                                         2                     1 in 44