Lucky 3

Lucky 3 is a very popular lottery game which was borne out of the partnership of the National Lottery Authority and KEED. In order for you to play the Lucky 3, you must make sure that you are registered with any of the network providers between MTN, Vodafone and Airtelgo because you can only bet using these three. There is a lot of money to be made playing this game because you can win up to 300 times your stake every 10 minutes if you win, in fact the maximum to be won on each and every draw is a staggering GHc 1,500,000.00.
Nowadays, it has become a prerequisite for punters to register when betting online, not with the Lucky 3 game because you can play instantly from your mobile money account without having to register. What also makes this game a fan favourite is the fact that the payouts are fast as your winnings are paid out automatically and directly into your mobile money account. There is also an added bonus of a jackpot because each time you play the Lucky 3, you will be entered into a weekly jackpot draw for a chance to win GHs 500,000.

How to play the Lucky 3?

The Lucky 3 is one of the simplest games you will ever come across, the title of the game itself is self-explanatory as you simply need to pick three single digit-numbers from 0 – 9 in any order of your choice. The odds for this game are very much favourable because the range of numbers to choose from is very small. You will win if your predicted numbers come up in the next Lucky 3 draw, and what makes this game special is that you can bet for as low as GHc 2.00, which makes it a very affordable game.
You can play Lucky 3 easily using Airtelgo Money and MTN Mobile Money via USSD. Please follow the instructions below;
(The following instructions are for both Airtelgo Money and MTN Mobile Money)
Dial *987# on your registered mobile phone
Select Lucky 3
You can either enter the 3 Lucky numbers or simply accept the randomly generated numbers which are presented to you.
Proceed by entering your bet amount (the minimum is GHC 2.00 and the maximum is GHC 5,000.00.
You then have to wait for the MTN/Airtelgo mobile money prompts and enter your PIN to approve the bet.
You will immediately receive an SMS confirmation that your bet has been successfully placed.

You can also play the Lucky 3 directly on the KEED-NLA platform by following these simple instructions;
Visit the official KEED-NLA website
Click on ‘Lucky 3’ on the main menu and a ‘lUCKY 3’ page will be opened in a seperate tab.
Select your network provider between MTN, Vodafone and Airtelgo (The one for the phone number you are using)
Enter your phone number
Enter the 3 numbers you wish to play
Proceed by entering your stake
Click on the ‘Play Now’ button to finalise the process.